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Saturday, January 09, 2010

How NOT To Start Your Day

I had such great plans for today....finish the borders on my drunkard's path quilt so I can get started on the next project. I have a rolling tool chest that is to my left at the sewing table. I have a 16" square ironing board on top to that and that is where I do all of my pressing while sewing.

First thing this morning, I turn to press and CRASH, I sent the whole thing over! And you know that sent other things falling. My iron landed right smack on top of a project bag!

Here is my blatant product endorsement. Dritz Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner. If you don't have any, run out right now and buy yourself a tube or 2. Or wait until you are at the quilt/fabric store and remember to get some before you need it. If you are clumsy like me or if you work with fusibles, you want some in your tool box.

Now I need to get some more, so it is already on my list. It's one of the items I don't mind paying full price for because you know if I'm out of it, I'm going to need it.

Back to my borders.


fancystitching said...

I've never seen this! I'll have to look for some the next time I go fabric shopping. I hope the REST of your day goes great, with lots of sewing accomplished!


Mrs Quilty said...

I have done the clumsiest things, so you're not alone!! I always amaze myself that I could have done that! Glad for the heads up on the iron cleaner stuff. I have put it on my list! Good luck on accomplishments!!!

Diane said...

Thanks for the heads up Judy (and the blog visit!)-I have it on my list now too. I don't have any but with all the fusing I'm doing it's just a matter of time.
When I was on that retreat in the fall our hostess and LQS owner, Karen was telling us about the stuff and how good it was--I meant to get it then.
Sorry about your mishap, falling hot irons are bad. Maybe worse than you quilting over your finger!-that still gives me the willies thinking about it. :0

*and just a random question-who makes up these word verifications? Sometimes they're so squiggly I can't tell what letter it is...*