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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Feet

I've got new socks to keep my toes toasty. I can't believe how fast I got this pair finished. Only 2 weeks--that's pretty fast for me. I only work on them at night, mostly--there were those days when I just sat and knitted for a bit.

This is my first time using Patons Kroy Sock yarn. I think it knitted up nice. It think I did pretty good getting my stripes almost even.

Next on my agenda is a sweater for me. Or another pair of socks.


Nancy said...

Nice looking socks! Patons Kroy Sock yarn is difficult to find around here, especially in the nearly solid colors.

Diane said...

They look very snuggly and I like the colors.

fancystitching said...

Judy, LOVE your socks! I'm working on my first pair ever... going pretty well... almost finished with the first one... but they are not as cute as YOUR striped socks!! I have some striped yarn to work with next. You must really knit FAST to crank these out so quickly... I'm a pokey knitter, but getting faster as I go.


Mrs Quilty said...

I think you did fabulous getting your stripes even! They look so cozy! I need to learn how to make socks! Love them!