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Friday, April 10, 2009

Do You Know What Day This Is?

Yes, it is Good Friday. It is also the day for the next UFO # to be picked for our small online group. Why am I so exited??? Because I am on a mission to reduce the number of UFOs I have. I want FOs!!!

This is UFO #7. I started this in October 2007 at a quilt retreat. And you guessed it, it's another design from Bonnie of Quiltville fame called Diamond-In-A-Square Strings. I framed mine different from Bonnie by using a different 2" strip around each block.

I remember how intrigued some of the gals were with my sewing on old phone book pages so I did a quick lesson. I don't know if anyone else has made this project but I do know that I turned some of the ladies on to Quiltville's site.
This has been sitting in my to be quilted pile for far too long. I have some flannel that was given to me and I will use that for the back and then the quilt will be donated. Now I am excited to get it finished.
I have another pile of strings on phone book pages that I have been working on. I have the layout in my head. I hope I don't loose it in there. I will take these with me to the next retreat and work on them there. It's a great project for chatting and sewing.


Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

Donated to me? Or Ell or Mae? Or Mike? Mike hasn't gotten a quilt from you...ever. Why don't you love him like you love everyone else who's gotten a quilt from you??? ~C

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh I like your setting much better - it is so homey.

Cherold said...

Judy, I LOVE your setting...think I will use that in one of my projects!!
Can't wait to see you next month...

Sue the KB said...

Me thinks Crys is a WHINER!!! It is a cool pattern, you'll have to splain the phone book page thing to me in blondeeze :)

Want to know a funny? The word verification on this post is "ingstr" untangle those for "string"! He he he.... string quilt! I think I need a nap!

See you soon!

Keyamoni said...

I don't know.