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Friday, June 21, 2013

On and Off The Needles

Or maybe this should be titled Under The Influence of Judy L and Denise. Both of these ladies have posted about the Wingspan shawl. So I had to go look at it and loved it and printed it. You know, just in case I wanted to ever make it. Then they both start talking about Dreambird-here and here. So far I've resisted that one but I do keep looking at it. And now they are talking KAL later in the summer. Oh Boy!  Reminds me of being asked if my friends jumped off the bridge would I follow.....probably........

What's a girl to do??? Jump!!!

So I jumped at Wingspan. I looked at the projects at Ravelry and searched out the yarn I wanted to use.  I like the way the Felici sport yarn is striping on this. (FYI this yarn is being discontinued and as of right now there are only 2 colors left.) I don't have the correct size needles so I have to start over. I'm afraid of running out of yarn. 

In the meantime, I'll work on this Noro bias lace scarf. I'll be doing some waiting room time today and that's the perfect time to make major progress on this scarf. I'm using a new to me yarn found at JoAnn's called Red Heart Boutique Midnight. It contains 6% metallic so just a touch of shiny. Sometimes you need a little shiny.

My 3S Shawl is done except for the blocking and the one place I missed when burying the ends. I'm still on the fence about keeping it or gifting it.  

Check out Judy L's Wingspan. I can't wait to see how far Denise is with her Wingspan--she's probably done--and to see what everyone else is working on. Link are here at Patchwork Times.


Luann said...

We really have to watch those two, don't we! I've decided to do Dreambird too. Now to decide on the yarn. Plus finish the Camp Loopy scarf for June!

Like you said JUMP!

straythreads said...

your pink and grey yarn sigh..........beautiful!! your shawl looks wonderful

Nancy said...

Several of my friends have knit Wingspan and loved the pattern. I think they only used one skein of sock yarn so you might have enough for yours.

fancystitching said...

Show me the bridge... I'm ready to jump on the 3S. I was always a little slow at joining the fun, but last night I printed off the pattern thinking this would be a great place to start on my first shawl. I looked at Dreambird, and decided that was not a wise beginning... better start with something less intense. And how many shawls does someone in Louisiana really need? The answer is probably one and only one!

Your projects are wonderful, as usual, Judy. Keep up the great work!

Annie said...

hahaha...you are so funny! Well, you jumped and you're now swimming along fabulously!

Judy Laquidara said...

Good grief . . you make me feel like a slug! Love your 3S. It looks so warm and snuggly. I think your wingspan yarn is perfect!

BTW, you know how I feel about bridges so I'll never jump from one. You're safe on that one! :)

justquiltin said...

ROFLOL --Judy L may not jump or go near that bridge but there was one time I did do such craziness as jumping off the bridge into a swimming hole. ;-) So glad you followed along.

You'll see my wingspan tonight - off the needles even if I get those last few stitches bound off on the bus ride home!

Suzanne said...

You crack me up, Judy! I am going to resist Judy's influence....at least for a while.

Mary said...

All your projects are wonderful.