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Friday, May 10, 2013

My Sock Yarn Stash

While blog hopping this morning, I saw this post by Nancy at Wyoming Breezes.  Nancy is showing her sock yarn stash.  Then I remembered someone else (Judy L) sorting and  organizing her yarn stash. Just for the record, I am envious of both of these ladies yarn stashes.  

This is my sock yarn stash.  When I cleared out my sewing room last year, I sorted my yarn, separating sock yarn from everything else. I still only have 2 bins of yarn.  Over the past year, I have used some of what I already had, added a few here and there but not too much. 

As of this morning, I have 27 skeins of sock yarn, enough for 17 pair of socks.  On the left side of this photo, the yarns in the baggies are the leftovers and will go into a different project or two.

Everything still fits in the bin.  There is not much room left unless I scrunch and squeeze but I'm on a mission to use up what I have.  I'm sure there is a stray here and there, when I round up the strays, they will go into the bin.  I even know which yarn I'm going to use next.  It's the Lion Brand Magic Stripes that Sue Hecker sent to me.

So here you go Nancy, this is my sock yarn stash.


Nancy said...

Thanks for showing your sock yarn stash. Isn't it amazing how it accumulates?

I love the red,white, and blue (gray) skein shown in the front of the second photo.

I've never seen Lion Brand Magic Stripes before.

Annie said...

Oh, look at all those lovely socks to be! Do I hear needles clicking like mad?! LOL

Suzanne said...

What great colors! You are set for sock projects for quite a while.

Paula, the quilter said...

My yarn stash fits into 2 bins also. I put my little balls of left-over sock yarn in a big glass vase as a decoration in the guest room.