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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Quiltathon Day 4

Until this morning!

It all started out innocent enough.
I was going to quilt while Ernie slept in.
So I started where I left off yesterday afternoon.
Piano key borders, free motion, add texture, practice straight lines.
What I didn't check when I put the quilt under the needle was my backing.
I flopped it under!
I have 21" of unpicking to do. 
I might cry while I do it.
I think I might put this aside until TV time later today.

New Plan!
I'm going to sew En Provence blocks together instead. 
I will shed no tears while doing that. 

Day 4 is going to be all about fun!

10:30 check in. 
2 blocks of En Provence have been layed out on the design boards.
One block is sewn, block 2 is partially sewn.
I'm also using the sashing for my leaders/enders.
I love how this is looking!
Maybe I can have 1/4 of my quilt top sewn together today.

3:15 check in.
4 blocks and 10 sashing units complete!
It was a good day sewing. 
I even have most of the whoopsie unpicked.  
Only about 5" to go. 
It was nice to snuggle under the quilt for a while. 

Thanks Judy L for a fun weekend.
I'm excited to be so close to finished on my Tumalo Trail quilt.
Maybe by the end of the week I can post about it's finish.


maggie fellow said...

sneaky little back:(

Julie said...

I feel your pain! I have done that! Frustrating to say the least, especially you have done a lot of quilting in that area! I am machine quilting today!

Mary said...

Dang, I hate when that happens. Makes me even happier to have my 10' table and computerized quilting machine. Happy to see En Provence Blocks on your table. GO Judy GO! UN -Quilting is NO FUN- :( I'm hunkered down waiting for the ice Storm. No sewing for me today as usual.

dq said...

Sad day! Keep plugging along (and picking sometimes).

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a productive day!

maggie fellow said...

great progress

Vivian said...

Ohhh, don't you just hate when that happens during quilting (been there too)! You did the right thing, on to En Provence (looking good BTW) and cry and rip later. Keep Calm and Quilt on!