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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Quiltathon Day 3

It's Patchwork Times Quiltathon Day 3!!!  My mind is screaming day 3? Already! I'm kind of holding my breath this morning as the wind is howling and we are expecting snow and freezing rain today. Please powers that be, leave the electricity on. Does that sound selfish???  If the power goes out, I'll just move my chair to the window and stitch hexies....until then, I'm going in the sewing room and turn on the machine and the book and cuddle under Tumalo Trail as I'm quilting.

9 am...so far the power has stayed on. I have a couple loads of laundry going and Ernie went out to breakfast with his buddies so I quilted. I've made great progress.  One bobbin done. Time for my breakfast, another cuppa coffee, fill the crockpot with soup makings and fold that load of clothes before I go back to it.

3 pm...I'm done for the day. All of the cross hatching is finished down the center of the blocks, the 1"sashing has been quilted with a simple straight line down the middle. Now I am working on the piano key border.  A good start on side 2 but my shoulders and hands are achy and I by back is done. So ibuprofen has been taken, time to settle in on the couch and cuddle with my little dog before I have to fix dinner.

What a great day of quilting. The snow has started and the wind is still blowing and the power stayed on. Yes, it was a great day!


Quilter Kathy said...

You are having a fabulous quiltathon... enjoy watching your progress and hope the power stays on for you!

Julie said...

You do realize every time you mention your weather over there I cringe, because I know what is coming our way the next day! :) Have fun with your project, I am back to machine quilting today!

Angie in SoCal said...

Hope the power stays on all day. You're getting a lot done.

Mary said...

We have the same weather here and I'm happy to stay inside! DH went to town and will pick up more of the fabric I ran out of. I just can't do a 1/4 of the Mystery. I'm not usually blogging today but it is just too FUN to link-up!
Go Judy GO!!!