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Friday, January 06, 2017

Quiltathon--Day 2

9:30 am  Quiltathon Day 2 with Patchwork Times has started off with a bang. Then reality set in.

Yesterday was such a successful day, my plan worked great. This morning I got out Tumalo Trail and the flannel backing that is ready to go. They both need a nice pressing before basting begins but that won't take long. I was so excited to use wool batting but sadly there is not enough. No problem, I have plenty of other batting to use. It just has to be pieced together. And that won't take long either.

I have a couple movies in my Netflix que that I'm excited to watch. I've already warned Ernie that it's my day for the tv but if he wants my time to go faster, he can help me pin baste. Think that will happen? I don't. 😕

I'll check in later....I'll continue down the page from here.

11:30 am  Batting is pieced, ready to set up the tables, turn on the first movie and get to pinning!  Maybe I'll have a little lunch before I begin.

5 pm

Pin basting is complete!  Yeehaw!! Sometimes that's a big job. I couldn't persuade anyone to help so I turned on my movie (The Fundamentals of Caring--great movie) and got busy.  Bobbins are wound, machine oiled, new needle, walking foot on and thread is through the needle.  I'm ready to start quilting bright and early in the morning or later tonight. I don't know. 


scraphappy said...

Having a pin basting buddy would be too much to hope for. Surely it won't take long though until you are ready to quilt. Getting close to a finish!

maggie fellow said...

sounds perfect - what movies?

Mary said...

Movies happening here too. CMT Music is even better. LOL So many of Bonnie Quilts you have made! Hard to choose for MAY!