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Friday, December 06, 2013

On The Needles

I apologize to the knitter that posted in her On The Needles post about the Bun Hat. I wanted to give her credit for sharing this quick, easy pattern, but I lost my note.  I knit this one up before Thanksgiving to try on the boys and to see if they would like it. Elliot liked it but it's green and not blue so I should give it to Jonah and make him a blue one.  I love that boy!!!  So I will. When I see Jonah, I will give him this hat. I will make Elliot a blue one and Leland wants one that is green with black and blue like his coat.  With them telling me the colors they want, I can't go wrong!

I'll have to do some size adjusting for Leland.  This one was made with 2 worsted weight yarns together on a size 10 needle. I followed the pattern for the small size. It fits Elliot who is 7 but covered 4 year old Leland's eyes.  Some adjusting will be done.

Still on the needles is the lovely Rival Cardigan. A few stitches here and there but not a whole lot of progress.

I'm fighting with myself to not start the Swing Cowl that Denise showed the other day. I am going to take my Dreambird apart and use that yarn for the Swing Cowl......I don't like it and there are too many mistakes that I can see. Maybe another time I will make it but not for a while.

See other great On The Needles projects at Patchwork Times.


straythreads said...

that looks like a very practical boy cap!!! wish I had some little boys to knit for

Nancy said...

Thanks for the pattern links - I've added them to my Ravelry library so I don't forget them.

Diane Wagner said...

What a great idea to make them all hats that will warm their little heads in this chilly weather. Good job!

justquiltin said...

Cute hat! Start the cowl, start the cowl, start the cowl. LOL It is great fun. :-)

Howdy said...

Oh goodness I forget all the time where I saw what... I'm glad you enjoyed making the hat and hopefully got your MoJo back. It is such a quick knit! I think we are all dangerous sharing these patterns we find... I know I don't want to do much other than sit and knit! LOL

Judy S. said...

It's really getting to be cap weather here, isn't it?

Dora, the Quilter said...

What a good idea for keeping necks warm!