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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I'm Kind of Pouty

No, I'm not kind of pouty, I'm really pouty. That blue ice bag is sitting on my knee. The one I can't seem to get healed up. I finally went to the Dr yesterday when I could no longer put any weight on it and couldn't walk around. I was miserable. It appears I have a torn meniscus (?). So now I am sitting with my leg elevated, with a compression bandage on, sporting my ice bag and having a pity party.

The good side of all of this......I am able to work on my hexies without guilt. I am able to knit and read if I want. But I had a hard time focusing today.  Today was supposed to be fair day with the grands. I missed out on seeing the chickens and turkeys and ducks and horses. Most of all I missed out on seeing the great big stinky pig! A highlight every year. Big pout!

So now I am headed to bed. I'll try to read for a while but I'm hoping to fall asleep pretty fast tonight. Tomorrow will be a better day.


Annie said...

A good pouty pity party sometimes is necessary to move on. Some benefits, but missing the big stinky pig is a tough one for sure! Get better soon, Judy!

Nancy said...

It's difficult to give up favorite activities. Thinking of you and wishing you well.

fancystitching said...

Bummer! I feel your pain, literally, because I have done the same thing. It is hard to enjoy our fun activities of knitting and reading, though they are guilt-free, when you are in pain. Hope you are better soon!

Marei said...

I'm sorry you missed the chickens and turkeys and ducks and horses AND the BIG STINKY PIG because of your knee. I'd be pouty, too! Keep that knee up and iced and since you're having a pity party make sure to have some cake & ice cream....you know it's not a real party without those. :)

Diane said...

oh that sounds painful-a good boo-hoo and a sleep can be helpful. Do you have to have surgery????

Quilter Kathy said...

Only pout and complain when people are around...and secretly be happy you have an excuse to sit and stitch, and drag out that miniscus problem until you're bored of stitching! LOL