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Monday, August 26, 2013

Design Wall Monday

The hexie flowers are moving right along. Of course they are, I'm obsessed with them. :0)  I watched movies and glue basted Sunday afternoon and then in the evening, I had to stitch a couple and add some green.

Do you do that? Get a ways into the project and then have to see what it looks like?  As hard as I try, I can't just do one step at a time unless it's a mystery and I have no idea what comes next.  I have 17 more flowers sewn that I want to get the white ring around before stitching with the prints again but I know myself well enough to know that isn't going to happen.  I will try my best to get the white done and maybe stitch up only a flower or 2 in the process. I don't want to get bored by the white. LOL

But this will now take a back seat to knitting, the Dreambird Project has started and I don't want to be a slacker.

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Annie said...

I love watching your hexies come to life. Yes!, I'm like that too. No patience for a step at a time, I gotta see how it will look!

Mary said...

OH the white paths make it pop! I'm an in-process Photo taker too. Can't wait to see the way the colors will look.

Kate said...

Your hexie project is looking great.

I am like you, I can not wait to see the first block done.

straythreads said...

some times you have to pace yourself or reward yourself for getting the boring things done. I do all the time can't wait to see more of it

Cathy said...

So much fun!

Sue Daurio said...

Great hexies, love the green and white around the flowers. Yep, I'm like you, gotta see it coming together to keep me motivated. Looks great so far.

Bonnie said...

These look great! Glue basting? Not sewing each hexie down? You are a braver gal than me.