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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting It Done Challenge--August

This is what I wrote June 30th...my goals for July.

So what will I do for July?
I'm trying to focus on the projects in the works and on getting some quilting done. These 2 quilts already have the backing and binding done and the batting is cut to size. The bobbins are even wound.  I'm really trying not to start any new projects.

How did I do?
  • I completed the mystery step--bottom right in photo. I didn't touch the BOWs.
  • Quilted Orca Bay-still needs binding--top right.
  • I quilted The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Lke Julie's--bottom left.
  • I made 15 Pineapple Crazy Blocks--top left.
I think I did pretty darn good.  Still need to set up the machine to do the binding. That's not going to happen today.  And that not starting anything new??? Failed that one. I started the Log Cabin-snicker snicker.

August Goals

  • Judy L's mystery step for the month
  • 5 more Pineapple Crazy blocks
  • Bind Ocra Bay and TUSQLJ
  • Quilt 1 UFO quilt
  • Work on Reach For The Stars
  • Work on Grandmother's Choice blocks
See how others are doing on their list at Patchwork Times.


shirley said...

i think you did pretty darn good. it's hard to stay on track in the summer with nice weather.

pcflamingo said...

Very good ESPECIALLY with the great summer weather we've been having in Washington! So tempting to be outside :D Beautiful quilts that you have been finishing!

Mary said...

You didn't mention your quiling helper. Great to finish your Orca Bay. You can rest awhile before the next Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I like Judy L's Back to Square One. Pineapples and Log Cabins. Not on my list...lol!

Melanie's Quilting said...

Great job! :) I like to start new projects all the time too!

Quilter Kathy said...

I think you did pretty darn good for the middle of the summer! I really want to finish my Orca Bay soon too!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Good job! Good luck on your August goals.