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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fun On The Farm

Crystal and Mike and the kiddos stopped this morning to see if I wanted to ride into town with them, go out to breakfast and shopping. Umm, no thank you but if anyone wants to stay here with me and play in the garden, they are more than welcome to stay.  After feeding 3 kiddos a pancake breakfast and watching some Sesame Street, we headed outside.

 First we moved the turkeys from their overnight pen out into the big pen to hang out with the chickens.

Next we had to ooh and aww over the baby chickens. We talked about Fred the Rooster and why is he being mean now.  He used to be a very nice rooster but now, not so much. He is a very protective daddy. It's so much fun to watch the baby chicks.

 The kids have giant pumpkin plants so they weeded them first while I worked on the wildflowers.  It's hard to tell the weeds from the flowers.

Tony Dog took a few dirt baths that cause quite the giggle fest.  He wasn't very much help pulling weeds but he sure provided some entertainment.

 After an hour, we decided we've had enough garden time and needed a snack. On the way up to the house, we explored the hydrangea bushes.  They are about to explode with color.

Now we are coloring and will have some lunch pretty soon.  We decided a peanut butter and jelly picnic is what we want today.  So much more fun than going to town.


fancystitching said...

You really are having FUN on the farm! I so love hydrangeas, but have not been able to keep one alive here. Once we get settled into our own house I will try again. Please do post a picture of yours once the blooms open. Thanks for sharing your grand-kid fun.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect day...enjoy!

Diane said...

what a wonderful way to spend the day-thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Now THAT is a summer day of living!

Cathy said...

Wow, have those turkeys ever gotten huge!! Are they destined to be turkey dinner some day? And your day sounded a lot lore fun than shopping in busy crowded stores.

Nancy said...

Definitely more fun that going to town!