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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Quilting Mojo Has Returned

Finally!  The Quilting Mojo is home.  Sometimes it takes off and forgets to return for months at a time.  Piecing Mojo had shoved it out the door.  I'm hoping the 2 will now play nice together and lots of happiness will come out of the quilting room.  The truth is my sewing room was a disorganized nightmare and the quilting table was piled high with stuff that needed to be put away.  I spent the morning doing just that and now all I want to do is quilt.  This will be marked off the January Quilting Challenge Plan. Next up is my UFO for January.  It is ready to load onto the frame.

This is the quilt I pieced for Corbin in October, right after he was born.  I meander quilted it with Bottom Line thread  and the binding is on.  I will stitch it down today while at my sewing group and come home to fluffify it and give it to him later when we go mooch dinner off them.  Then I will get a cute picture of his adorable little self on his new quilt.  

Directions for this quilt can be found here.  I want to make another of these quilts using my 2 1/2" strip pieces.  It makes a great scrappy, happy quilt.


Diane said...

Woo-hoo for the returning quilting mojo.
I still have a pile of Christmas quilts to put away I should do it now. I got on the computer for something else and now I'm languishing in blogland. Have fun quilting up a storm and then w/ that adorable Corbin.

Annie said...

I just hate when I have to waste precious piecing and quilting time cleaning up after meself! That quilt looks wonderful. I'd starve to death if I had to present a quilt for a mooch. LOL I look forward to seeing your photo.

scraphappy said...

I do love that quilt pattern. Log cabin variations are so fun to sew! Congratulations for the return of the mojo and a great finish too.

Michelle said...

I love the quilt. So pretty. I need to get the de-cluttering, rug shampooing, house cleaning mo-jo back. When things aren't the way I want them, it's hard for me to sew and quilt.

Glad your Mojo is back!

fancystitching said...

Wonderful quilt! Can't wait to see a picture of Corbin and all his cuteness on this new quilt!