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Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Again the design wall is empty.  I've spent very little time in the sewing room this week.  With power outages or the threat of outages, I didn't want to turn on my machine or longarm.  What if there was a brown out or a huge power surge.....that would not be good.

So the time I did spend in the sewing room, I pulled out this project that has been cut out for a while.  I just needed to cut the inner facing and the clear vinyl pieces.  Now that has been done, the cover pieces are quilted and the inner facing has been applied.  Today I will start putting the pieces together.

I am on a mission to stop using my huge purse.  It is heavy and easy to load up with junk important things.  Yesterday at yet to be born granddaughter's baby shower there was a piggy bank game.  We were to clean out our purses of loose change and put it in baby's piggy bank.  I had well over $10 in my purse........so it is time to put less stress on my sore shoulder and other wore out body parts that have to huff that ole bag around.

This cute folding wallet is from BYANNIE.COM.  She has so many fabulous patterns.

If you've read my blog in the past, you know Monday is my day to visit other design walls throughout Blogland.  Go to Patchwork Times to see what everyone is up to.  Thanks for visiting me today.


Gari said...

Good idea to go to smaller purses. I did that about 10 years ago. Sometimes I will carry a large purse that I leave in the car and just carry the smaller one when I get out of the car. It is very liberating. Hope your bad weather is over for the rest of the winter. It is in the 70s here, very unusual for winter but I like it.

Diane said...

that is a very good idea-heavy purses wreak havoc-knocking our skeletons out of whack-I seriously can tell when I have more than a dollar in 'change' in my wallet-the cell phone is heavy too. I really like the fabrics you're using hope you get it finished and in use very soon.

Annie said...

Lucky for this baby-to-be and not so lucky for the next baby-to-be. LOL I stopped carrying a large purse ages ago. People look at it and ask how I get everything in it. I guess "everything" means what they are carrying in their suitcase (as I call those giant bags). Anxious to see you new purse soon!

AnnieO said...

Usually my purse is loaded up with PAPER, which is heavy, but unfortunately it isn't the green spendable kind. I had to laugh at $10+ of change--that's a lot of coinage! I hope you won the game :)

Mary said...

I leave my heavy purse in my car when I can too, just to save bumping it into people in the crowded stores and aisles at Church. Great little project to prep while the power was out. Hope it stays on now so you can Quilt!

Alycia said...

It was nice of you to make a donation to the baby LOL - I like the idea of smaller purses too!

Quilter Kathy said...

Very cool little bag....now how will you carry all those "essentials"!?!?