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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just a quick note to say that Ernie is sporting a brand new knee. His surgeon is fabulous, thank you Dr. Greene. I hope recovery is speedy and Ernie will be dancing in the streets before too long. That should be fun since he has never been one to dance much!

Good thing I have lots of knitting and crochet projects to do. 2 afghans and 1 pair of socks in progress and Judy L's Knit Along starts Monday......can't wait!!!

I am working the gusset on this pair and want to have them off the needles before Monday so I'll be taking them with me today to work on while I sit with Ernie. I am loving working both socks at the same time. I hate that I let frustration get to me while learning new things. I'm glad I decided to give 2 circular needles another try. See, you can teach an old dog..........


Diane said...

So glad everything went well! kewl socks.

Julia said...

Glad the surgery went well. Now for the Physical Therapy. That's always fun! I can't imagine knitting two socks at one time. Well, I can't imagian knitting one, but two?! I have never tried the circular needles.

fancystitching said...

Give Ernie lots of hugs and attention... knee replacement is a tough surgery to recover from, but it is SOOO worth it many months later when the knee actually starts to feel "normal" again, and pain free. I have this one bit of advice for Ernie.... "Ice packs are your friends!"

You are really ZOOMING on those socks. SHHHH! Don't tell Judy L., but I have already started my socks for the knit-along. I figured as slow as I knit, I needed to get a jump on everyone, or I would NOT finish them by the end of Nov. I've gotten about 3/4" of the cuffs done.

Mary said...

Knitting is a great project while visiting someone after surgery or when taking care of a love one isn't it? I'm so glad yout tried two at a time again ....I love doing my socks that way.