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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I'm not sure how big to make my rug. I thought I would end here with the diagonal red/yellow rounds. It's not very big but I could stand on it and keep my toes from hitting the cold floor first thing.

I have lots of clothesline and lots of binding left. I'm thinking I'll add at least 100 feet more of clothesline. Or maybe 200 feet because that's what I have left. My big plan (there's that word again!) is to use up all the clothesline. I guess I can always make mug mats or trivets. Thinking out loud or on the blog is always helpful for me.

While I was stitching away this morning and getting a bit wonky, I remembered I have a seam guide in the accessory box and wondered it would help me at all. What a great thought that was. I snugged it up against the cord and now I just go like I know what I'm doing.

I'm going to make more cord while the washer and dryer do their things-multitasking-and then I'm headed out to spend some quality time on my afghan while I chat with my Binding Friends. I missed them last week, they met on the same day as the great paint fiasco. Glad that's behind me now.

I've made up my mind, I'm just going to keep adding rounds until I run out of binding pieces or clothesline, whichever comes first. Wow, that was easy! Thanks for talking me through this. :~)


Nancy said...

Looking good - I think you will be happier with a larger rug.

scraphappy said...

Using up what you have sounds like a great plan. If you saved the extras for more projects later you'd end up needing more which would lead to another rug and then you'd have a nonstop loop of projects. This way you'll know when you are at the end.

fancystitching said...

I LOVE these kind of rugs!! I would love to see a picture of the BACK of this project... I am curious about how the seams at the side of the binding fit together on the back. I'm thinking this is probably a similar technique I use to make fabric bowls.


Anonymous said...

OH wow this is fabulous! Is it hard to keep it flat? I mean so the edges don't start to curl in like a basket. I would love to try this!