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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Earning A Couple Good Wife Points...

...and saving Mr. Tony's rear end!

I have a dog that thinks it's OK to chew on things. Gloves, socks, toys, firewood, rocks, whatever--he doesn't care. When Big Dad saw his almost brand new glove in this condition, Mr. Tony knew he was busted. I knew I had to save the poor little thing. We think the glove fell out of the truck when Dad came home from work and someone found it on the ground. So I put it on the mending pile in hopes that it would be forgotten like the rest of the mending.

The other day at Marian's we started working on a sweatshirt jacket that needed the cuffs taken off. I brought them home with me knowing that I had to fix the darn glove. Crud! So this morning when I got to a stopping place in my project and I needed to replace my needle, I decided to fix the darn glove and so it worked out. I got out my super deluxe ripper and in a jiffy the raggety cuff was in the garbage and the "new" cuff was on.

I think that takes care of mending for a while, what do you think???


Michelle said...

Good for you! I never would've thought of mending a glove like that.

Mrs Quilty said...

I would have thrown them out and bought new!!! Lazy me!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Good job - I too would have bought new ones. LOL

Crys said...

Way to mend and repurpose! You could write that tip to a magazine for a small prize, like your name in print. :) ~C