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Monday, July 14, 2008

Week Goals

What a week! I feel like I accomplished nothing. I know I did stuff, it just doesn't show. Except for the explosion in my sewing room. I'm making progess, I know I am, it's just kind of hard to see right now. Like things are living with like things. I just need to get all the things together.

Satuday at Sisters was awesome. I spent the day with 8 year old Taylor. After a very long bus ride, an ice cream cone and some wandering around, we met up with my friends for a while and then went our seperate ways again. I missed my regular quilt show partner but Taylor was a pretty good substitute. I didn't get to see all the quilts because after a hour, they became "boring" and we were on the hunt for a very cool hat. We found several but the prices were unreal. We will just make our own!

This quilt was hanging off in a corner all by it's self. It is quite spectacular with the little tiny pieced blocks on the top of the quilt. I wish my picture would have turned out a little better. Next I'll post a picture of one of the little blocks.

Well, I didn't get much done on the quilting front this week. Vicki's quilt will be loaded tomorrow and finished up at Wednesday's group. The UFO I've been working on is put away for a while. I think it's keeping me from sewing so I'll wait on it. Sue didn't get here with her quilt top so nothing was quilted this past week. I hope to get my bargello done too but I'm not putting any pressure on myself.

I am going to focus on Vicki's quilt and organizing this week. Also I have a couple of postcard swaps to work on and my Dotee Dolls are ready to drop at the post office on Wednesday. I do have the garden to keep up with. Today I saw brocolli, zuchinni, tomatillas and tomatoes. Also some acorn squash have set on. The cukes, carrots, cauliflower will follow soon. Yumm.

The laundry is done and put away and I have an awesome salad that will be dinner for most of the week. So I have a plan and I hope I can keep to it.
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