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Saturday, July 05, 2008

How Many Times Can A UFO Be A UFO?

I've been working on this quilt for what seems to be forever. It's a quilt as you go that I started quilting in May. I actually thought I had started it way before that. I just can't get motivated to work on it. And it's right out in plain sight.

I think when it's done, I will give it to Lacey, my not quite DIL. She liked it when she was looking at it so I think she will give it a good home. So this is my project for the weekend.

I am going to get off here and work on it. I only need to put together 1 1/2 more rows and I can start setting them together.

I hope this makes my sister happy. Evidently she thinks I don't post often enough!
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1 comment:

Sue the KB said...

Yup, makes me happy! Love the quilt, and Lacey will too. I figured that The Big Guy would be home this weekend and ya'll would be busy.

I'll probably see you Tuesday.