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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gaurdians of the Garden

I got an email from an "inquiring mind" that asked about my garden. Everything is growing great and I have started to pick some stuff. I've had several small batches of broccoli, 3 huge heads of cauliflower (some went into the freezer), I've snacked on peas. The tomatoes and tomatillos are loaded and starting to turn color. We picked the first of the zuchinni and had some for dinner last night. I was very happy to see bees working yesterday.

Grampa, Clella and Crystal are watching things grow. I swear that it grows right before our eyes. We haven't had a garden for a lot of years and this has been fun as well as a whole bunch of work. It has turned into a family project. I just wish the bodacious corn would grow faster. Part of it is in too much shade. I don't think too much will make it into the freezer because everyone is waiting for it. Supposedly toward the end of August it should be ready.

We have learned a lot for next year. I should make notes of the things we want to do different. Nah, I'll just remember. Actually I have told everyone so I am counting on them to remember!
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