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Friday, May 02, 2008

Yeah, It's Friday

It is Friday, isn't it? I've been mixed up all week. No reason why really, I just have weeks like that. Maybe is was the anticaption of my baby's arrival. She got here yesterday. She is quite petite. The front flapper, (I don't know what it's called) is a lot shorter than on my other featherweight. I wonder if it's because it was made in Great Britian and the black one was made in the good ole USA. I'll do more research on her. She needs a couple parts but other than that, after a good oiling, she runs good. And the cord is wired direct instead of a plugger thing.

Maybe I'll just pretend she's my Bronco and invest in her future. Don't tell hubby I'm comparing a sewing machine to his precious Bronco. (You know the one, the brand new 1992 Ford Bronco! that has had almost every part on it replaced!) I've been thinking of taking her to the repair guy just to make sure everything is ok. That's gonna be a while though, I filled my car up with gas yesterday. Ugh!

Here are the rulers I've been working with. The green one is called The Line Tamer by Four Paws Quilting. Out of all my rulers, and I have several, this is my very favorite. The lines are easy to read and I love that the hopping foot glides through the slot. The orange one is from Sew Far Sew Good and is called the Braided Cable. I need lots more practice with this one! I have just a little bit more to do, including the binding and I can call this UFO done.

Time to think about what's for dinner. Some day I am going to be like Judy L of Patchwork Times and have a weekly menu and stick to it. It's been quite a while since I've done that. Oh I have such great plans!
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