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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One More UFO Done (Almost)

I say almost because it needs binding. Looking back, I see I posted about this quilt on April 27. I had the rows hanging on my design wall all this time. So I am going to get the binding ready and take it with me to the retreat and sew the binding on. (Maybe I can inspire someone to sew her binding on her flannel quilt.) Then I can stitch it down during show and tell. (After reading this post, I decided I better edit this last sentence. You see I know my friend and she is going to think I am wanting to stitch down her binding. I'm not, she needs to do that herself. I am going to stitch down the binding on MY quilt. :-} )

Yesterday I got a birthday block in the mail and I wanted to put the blocks on my design wall and this was in the way. I took it down, sewed the rows together, made the back, found a piece of batting just the right size and wound some bobbins. That was enough work for one day!!! Not really, that was a good place to stop since Crystal and her family were coming out to fix dinner. I love it when that happens.

So this morning, I got busy and got this baby quilted. I did a simple meander so I could let my mind wander as I quilted. I used a new to me thread. It is Sulky cotton size 30. Color 4009, according to Sulky's color page it is called foliage. On the top of the cone is the word Gunold. I'm thinking that maybe this is acutally an embroidery thread??? I don't know-I didn't read the website yet. All I know is that it never broke and the whole quilting job went smooth as silk. I did have to clean off the hopping foot and in the bobbin area with every bobbin change. This is the linty-est cotton thread I have ever used. I will use it again just because I love the way it works and looks.

I got this cone at the quilters stash enhance bazaar for $3! I think I can do at least 4 more quilts with it. You can bet I'm going to find out how many!

Now I have to get some packing done for this weekend's retreat. Most everything is still packed up so it won't take long.
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Sue the KB said...

Wow! Talk about a 1960's flash back! Geez a loo, kiddo, that sucker is bright! No need to turn the light on with that quilt on the bed :)