Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Like Thursdays #26

We made a quick overnight trip to the beach this week.
On the way home, I thought it would be fun to write a blog post 
about scenes from the passenger seat.
This guy here, he stole my heart a long time ago!

Black dog Tony, brown dog Daisy.
Sometimes they lay down and sleep like little angels.
Other times their noses are out the windows.

Jessie dog like to cuddle on mom's sweatshirt on the console and sleep.

These are my passenger seat knitting socks.
I am finally at the toe decrease.

I sent this picture to my sister after she told me how cloudy and dark it was at home.

Then I sent her this one a few minutes later.
The Columbia River is gorgeous!

Do you hold your breath through the tunnels?

This bridge--I love it, I hate it!

The Port of Astoria is a bustling place.

I love the old buildings in Astoria.

Our favorite rest stop.
I'm not sure what the real name of it is,
we call it Bradley Hill.
These restrooms are always so clean!

I love this memorial bench.
Whenever our grands stop here, they sit here for a picture.
I don't think I could get my 4 to all sit at one time.

Look how pretty Tony and Ernie pose for the camera.
Daisy dog does not like to have her picture taken!!!

I tried to get Jessie over for the picture but he was stubborn too~

to see what my friends are liking this week.


Nann said...

We have great memories of our trip to Oregon back in 2000. Along the Columbia from Portland to Astoria, down the coast to Florence for a week-long Road Scholar, then Ashland, Bend, and back to Portland. Autumn is a great time to travel.

Shannon said...

What a fun series of pictures!! I love your backseat dogs- I always try to get snaps of mine traveling back there and its always tough but I love having them travel with me. And your knitted socks look great! I'm desperately trying to finish a pair of socks before thanksgiving when my mom and I want to start a new knitting project together, but I'm going fairly slowly..... Mostly because in the evenings at home the dogs want to sit on my lap and won't sit still enough for me to knit! :)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That was a fun post, Judy! I love Oregon, and have really enjoyed our trips there, but we haven't been to Astoria yet. I'd better put that on my list! I want to learn to knit socks - do you have a favorite pattern?

LA Paylor said...

love a road trip!! The pups are great travelers. I have come to hate bridges, since living in Annapolis and the Bay bridge is so high and narrow. And some idiots text while driving. How do you mend holes in socks? My hand knits get holes in the bottom from wear, while the cuffs and tops are still perfect.

Sally Hurley said...

The socks look great. I thought it was holding breath past graveyards. lol. I miss the sunshine, too.

Cheryl said...

thank you for the lovely views. we rarely travel to the northwest, its been years, so i love seeing your beautiful area.