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Monday, November 02, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Lots of sewing going on this week but not much can be shared. 
I can share my progress on Millefiore.
Block #3 is complete.
I am so excited to pick fabrics for #4.
I'm thinking pinks and browns with a spash of lime green!

Top left is #3 which will attach to the pink and green #1.
Orange and blue is block #5 which doesn't attach to 1 or 3.
The blue and yellow is block #2 and barely attaches to 5.
I am! 
But I have the road map.

Just for the fun of it!
I babysat while mom and dad took the oldest to his soccer party.
They love Wheel of Fortune.
AKA the spinning game with 3 people.
Teeth brushed and showers and pjs before 7:30.
Win for Gramma!

Retreat starts in 3 more get ups!
I'm pretty much ready.
I just have to check over my list
and finish packing the car.

Check out what others have on their design walls at 

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Ruth said...

Very very pretty! Isn't this the most fun?