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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blocks and A Top

This week my sewing time has been grabbed in a few minutes here, a few there. 
 Or one episode of The Guardian on Netflix. 
That Simon Baker is adorable!
How did I miss this show when it was on TV?!?

My blocks for the 2010 Moose On The Porch Jelly Roll Sampler have been turned into a fabulous quilt top. It feels good to put that empty bag away.  
I'm thinking about finding something for an outer border. 
I may have to shop for that.  
I think this will make a perfect cuddle on the couch quilt.

This is the July block for the Carol Doak Yahoo group mystery.  

And this is the block for August.  
I have never been ahead in a block of the month project.
I like it.
Don't let me fall in September when she posts the new block.


Mary said...

doing the happy dance over here for you~! The top looks like stained glass hanging there on your porch. You have the best place near you to go and find something to border it with too. The Country Manor, right? Yea, for being ahead. I like the sea shells fabric you are using. I need to get cutting and sewing on my Farmers wife blocks so I'm still ahead in August.

Nancy said...

I agree with Mary, that your top looks like stained-glass. It looks great.

Quilter Kathy said...

You are making great progress..what's in your water and can you share some with me?!? I hope to do some sewing tonight.
Love the August block!

Pokey said...

The quilt is beautiful hanging in the sun! Just lovely ~
I'm with you, I have liked Simon Baker in everything I've seen him in, including an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, in which he shared that the thing that was the most important to him to be successful at was...being a good father.
Aw, made you love him more!

Harriett said...

Love Simon Baker. Love your quilt it really does look like stained glass.

Diane said...

great quilt-it always feels good to empty a project box or bag! way to go!