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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hand Stitching On Sunday

I am working little bits at a time on Ms. Owl.
I think this is the last of the green.
Next up will be more flowers.
What color to do next???
Little things thrill me!

It is so fun to see what stitching projects are being worked on.

I wish I could spend the day stitching in the shade.
I can't, today we are building fence.  
Not the kind of fun I had in mind.


scraphappy said...

Slowing down to enjoy each part of the process is one of the reasons handwork is so relaxing. Glad you are stopping to enjoy the flowers.

Connie said...

Looks beautiful Judy, can't wait to see the owl done!

Connie said...

Forgot to mention......good luck with the fence, I hope it isn't as hot where you are as it is here!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for linking up Judy and showing us the progress you are making on Ms. Owl! I'd rather be stitching any day than fence building!!

vtquilter said...

I love this little stitchery! Hope the fence building went well.