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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Changes & Thanks

Thank you all for the nice comments and caring emails you have sent regarding Ernie and his new knee. He is doing very well~not quite up to dancing in the streets yet though. For an outdoorsie guy, staying cooped up in the house is pretty hard. Staying cooped up and not able to do much is really, really hard! But being the sweet, caring, loving, never loose the composure person that I am (excuse me while I stop choking on those words!), we are doing great! Each day will be better and better. And sleep is a good thing.......it's very comforting listening to his sleep noises.

I'm feeling pretty fancy right about now. I've wanted to make changes to my blog for quite a while and this morning I took a ginormous step and did it. What do you think???

Next big thing for me is to figure out how to add a header photo. I'm pretty slow about changing things around. I like constant. I don't move my furniture around much anymore. Please never rearrange the layout of my favorite store--that messes with my get in, get my stuff and get out!!!

Today I will finish my blue socks so I can join the knit along......the plan for yesterday but you all know how plans workout sometimes.

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paula, the quilter said...

My hubby had a total knee replacement done at the end of August. The key to regaining full movement is physical therapy. He has been religious about both going to PT and doing his homework. I even found a stationary bike at the thrift store ($10.00) for him. He is almost 100%. Ernie can do it!