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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Stuff

Meet Louie. He is the newest member of our family. We adopted him Saturday. Lacey, the stinker, brought him over to visit while we were all working on filling the woodshed. She "didn't want to leave him home all alone".

Lacey is pretty smart. She took this little guy in when the owner couldn't keep him anymore. She had asked a couple times if I wanted to take him but I have Tony who is still a wild thing and didn't want another. Then I see him. How could I not fall madly in love with him!!! Darn you Lacey, thanks! He is just the right fit for our family. DJ, the big dog, is really happy to have him around. Tony has someone to play with and will leave him be. Tony thinks he is a new toy!

The baby quilt is ready for the longarm. It turned out larger than I thought it would. I think my little great niece will like it.

I have some flannel that I intended to use for the back but now I have to go get some purple or pink. My original border fabric is now back in the stash. I think this is the perfect border for these blocks.

My next baby quilt is started and the next one is in the planning stages. I think I should just make up a stockpile so I am always prepared. Nah, that isn't any fun. I'll just wait until the pressure is on then I'll make a quilt.

The little chickens are starting to lay eggs. How eggciting! I kind of feel like a dork getting all excited over eggs but I don't care. I embrace my dorkiness.


julia said...

I wish I had chickens so I could have fresh eggs!! Love you quilt!!

Mary said...

Louie's very cute -- I can see why you couldn't resist.

Boy, you got that baby quilt top finished quickly. I finally started assembling the pink and brown blocks. Hopefully it will only take me a few days to get the top done. I always procrastinate at this point in a quilt.

Dena said...

Love your baby quilt Judy. Nice job! Louie is so cute, no wonder you couldn't say no. I'm guessing Lacey knew that...

Stephanie D. said...

I have to wonder how any one could pass Louie on with a face like that! What a sweetie.