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Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's A Great Day When...

...you can sneak in some time to sew!

Finally, I took the time to sit down in front of my sewing machine. She's been lonely, we missed each other. I needed to finish something, anything. So I looked in my box and found this wall hanging. I didn't write this one on my UFO list and honestly, I don't remember if I made these blocks this year or last. Doesn't matter now, it's hanging in my bathroom.

The top was finished, the backing was cut and so were the binding strips. I wonder what the delay was...maybe another great project that couldn't wait to be started. (Aren't they all that way??) I pin basted it, set up my sewing machine for a curvy line stitch and started sewing. Then I did some stitch in the ditch around the flower pots. I found a butterfly stitch, enlarged it a little, tested it a few times to get it right, changed to some iridescent thread and tested a couple more times. Then I stitched some cute little butterflies in the background fabric and added some tiny buttons to the flower pots.

This one is done, done, done. I am happy, happy, happy. Now I must go take care of my tomato sauce that finished cooking and is now cool enough to put away. It truly is a great day!


fancystitching said...

Such a CUTE project! And "done" DOES feel good!


Judy S. said...

Very cute! I love the addition of the butterflies and ladybug, the buttons too. Good job. Tomato sauce sounds yummy! I did a batch of peach freezer jam.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a great day - cute wallhanging too.

Brenda said...

I clicked on your post and started reading...... I looked at your project and then - litterally - got off the chair and left the compouter with your post still on the screen. I am back to give you a huge hug and say "Thank-You".

My daughter just turned 15 yesterday. I, for her 13th birthday, made her a queen size quilt. I had it quilted and it was back to me before her birthday. All I had to do was bind it........ 2 years later, I finally did put binding on this spring..... and now, after reading your post, I just came back off the couch, where I am putting the binding on the quilt - I am sewing it down. Finally, after over 2 years of waiting, my daughter will have her quilt for this winter. And your post was the push I needed to get it done.

Thank-You again. Now, I need to get back to it - I have only just started and it is queen size. I wil have this to her before this weekend is done. I am glad it's a long weekend!!! ((hugs)))