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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Few Minutes Today

Today I set the timer so I wouldn't forget to come out of the sewing room. I don't like setting the timer. I wanted to spend all day in my hidie hole. But I couldn't. I had a few errands to run this morning so I did those first thing--I can put off errands for days........

After I got home, I took the dogs for a walk and then had to decide which to do first, sew or chores. Yes, sewing won out. I made my Stashbuster BOMs. The left side top and 2nd down are this month's blocks. The 3rd done down is the result of my cutting mistake. But I like it and the block fits into the quilt so I'm keeping it. It is my quilt after all. I need to start thinking about sashing and borders for this quilt. I better put some fabric swatches in my purse.

Poor Tony puppy is exhausted after our walk. This is a good thing. Sleep for a while. I don't care if you are on the couch. Just sleep!

We have discovered we have 2 roosters. I guess that's what happens when you buy baby chicks, they can say you have hens but they tell you there is a 10% chance you'll get roosters. I think we might have 3 out of the 10. Hmm, what to do. So far Manly Stanley is a very loud little man and Rodney the Rhode Island Red has yet to find his voice. I hope I have the pleasure of hearing him when he starts to crow because it is hilarious!

Life on the farm is good today.


Kathie said...

the blocks look great!
thats a great picture of him sleeping using a pillow!!!!

julia said...

Your blocks are all wonderful! I can't imagine the time it takes to make a whole quilt! I've never tried. Too busy sewing for grands.
Our neighbors have roosters. I love to hear them crow.

Mrs Quilty said...

All your blocks look so great, Judy! Makes a wonderful quilt! I love the pic of your pooped pup! Having roosters would be a noisy activity but if you like them.....

Happy sewing...love that sewing won out, and chores were put on hold. Always at my house that way!!!

Rannyjean said...

I like the timer idea, I have to do that so I get off the computer once in awhile!