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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kitchen Setup

Here are my cabinets all set up in the shop like they will be set up in the house. Expect for that one cabinet that is on its side! That one goes above the range for the mirco/exhaust hood. Ohhhhhhh, I'm going to be so fancy. Wonder if it will help my cookin'!

I didn't get as much done today as I wanted to. I felt a bit puney and just lazied around for a while. I did get my fridge cleaned out and the cabinet under the sink is done. In the morning I will tackle the spices and such. Work starts on Thursday.

But I need to go to my Wednesday Gathering of Friends. I like having one day a week when I get to meet up with my friends. Last week I worked on my redwork and I am going to work on it again tomorrow. I am making a Christmas wall hanging that needs 4 blocks and I am on block 2. I hope to have it done in a few more Wednesdays. It's fun to have a special project that I don't think I would work on at home as much. After all, I started it in August! and in 6 months I just started the second block............and they aren't that difficult. I just need to be a doer.

This photo shows our motor home. It is a school bus that we converted several years ago. We haven't been on a trip for a while and I have the itch to go. But first things first......the kitchen need us. I just noticed the window blind. I think someone has something leaning against it. I hope so anyhow cuz what if there is a peeper in there!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night.
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