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Monday, February 25, 2008

It's About To Get Crazy Around Here

Saturday we went to Home Depot!

I love The Depot! We went to get new kitchen cabinets--finally. I have had my plan drawn up since October. Then my plan was put on hold.

Now we are moving forward. This is what 14 pre-made oak cabinets look like. Aren't they pretty???

When we got home, the guys decided to set them up in the shop according to my plan. Good idea boys! I would hate to have to scream and yell at you because you failed to use the proper lay out. They were pretty funny doing this. But I knew exactly where each box went. Of course, I knew. I've been looking at the picture for almost 5 months! But I'm not complaining. It is going to be so fabulous when it is finished. (Somehow I deleted the picture of the cabinets set up in the shop. I will have to post it next time.)

I have all my current cabinets to empty and sort through. It hasn't been too bad, I had already been through most of them and had gotten rid of a lot of stuff. But there is still more to get rid of. I'm having a bit of separation anxiety with my stuff! There are a few things I know I should part with but I'm not going to right now. I will wait until I unpack the boxes and then make that decision. I have time to think about it.

Then there are the pretties that I forgot about. The cute little milk glass fruit plates. And the pretty little green vase that I bought because my Gramma had one that color and I wanted one just for pansies like hers was used for. (Make a note to buy some pansies and plant them!)

But the thing that really has me nervous is how long will I be without my kitchen. Are they going to make me wash dishes in the bathroom or will I have to cook in the motor home??? Lordie, I don't think I thought about that until today. Oh well, it will be an adventure and when it is finished, it really will be fabulous!

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