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Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 1--Demo

Today was the big day, demo was complete in less than 3 hours. I'm going to miss my pretty tile countertops. I did them about 8 years ago and I still liked them alot. This morning I gently hugged them goodbye.

After the first set out cabinets went out the door, I ran over to get neighbor Travis to come over and help. I'm certainly not much help and I would hate for Joe to injure himself. (He still has alot of work to do!)

There were many layers underneath and they held a more than afew surprises. In addition to the new quilt pattern, I found a piece of wall paper that I don't remember ever seeing. Joe found a dime dated 1943 behind the old blue tar board that was probably the backsplash.

We saw where the old window had been replaced with a shorter one so the sink could go underneath. I love the view out my window. I remember my Gramma telling me that was the window to the world.

This old house was my grandparents house and we have made many changes to it but there are still vivid memories for me. Like that fan you see up high on the wall.Not too long after we moved in, we took a huge section of wall out to open up between the kitchen and living room. The old oil stove sat in the living room and you pulled the string on the fan to send heat into the kitchen.

Right now the kitchen is naked.......but tomorrow the work starts early. They will install plumbing for my dishwasher and add a few more outlets.

I cannot wait to get in there and get cookin!
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JENNY B said...

love some demo!!! cant wait to see it all finished. What are you doing for countertops? Take it from me, say no to black granite!!!! Corian would be good for you.....if you want my 2 cents!

Sue aka Your Highness Queen Granny :) said...

Ahhh how sad to see your tile counter tops go. You did such a good job on them. Love the quilt pattern! Think I'll steal it from ya.