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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Contactor Time Has Begun

Will there ever be a time when contractor time is the same as real people time? I seriously doubt it. I have never ever heard of the start date being the start date.

We were supposed to start taking out the old kitchen cabinets today but our contractor, let's call him Joe cuz that's his name, had a one day delay on his other job. That's ok, because one of these days, I will get to be the "other" job. So I lined up some help for him for Friday since I am still in gimp mode and cannot help too much. So think good thought for Joe today so he can be mine tomorrow. (Oh, that doesn't sound good!)

So, how did I start my day? I made this scrumptious loaf of bread. I have discovered home made Artisan Bread! This is what I created this morning. You can create your own by going to this website and using this 5-Minute Artisan Bread recipe. Really it only takes a few minutes to mix up. Then you have to wait and wait and wait and then you get to bake.

My advice to anyone that tries this: Just go ahead and bake the whole batch (I made 2 loaves out of mine) because it is so darn good that it will be gone in no time. Then make up another batch right away so you can have some on hand and ready to use when you want it. It really is amazing what flour, salt, yeast and water can make. Yummers.

How am I going to bake bread when my kitchen is a mess? I guess the oven will have to stay plugged in! So far, I have resisted cutting into this loaf. I would like it to remain pretty for dinner tonight. Think that's gonna happen????????

I better go find something to do...........ohhhhhhh the butter is already soft.............no, keep it pretty........but the butter..........

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My dear ole dad was just here and spied the fresh bread. He sampled and approved. I resisted. But I am wavering!
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