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Monday, May 09, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It's that time of year again. Time to make the quilt for the hunting club. The picnic is in June and this is how far I have gotten. I have the quilt all designed and I don't like the design I have. Now I will just go crazy and free lance a design. Each of these blocks will get a border on them so they can be made into a workable size. I have the border pieces already cut for that and strips ready to make into a checkerboard outer border. That's it for my plan so far.......but I have an idea of what I really want and have lots of time today to work on it.

To see last year's quilt, go here. (Or just look up in the header on the left side, 2nd down.~Thanks Mary C for pointing that out to me. ) Our friend Art won the quilt and says he naps under it almost daily. His wife thinks she needs to win this one because he isn't good at sharing.

To see other fabulous design walls, go here.


Chris said...

I look forward to seeing your quilt develop. I love hunting quilts :) Goes with all the mounts on my walls!

Mary said...

I had to go back and see last years. It's also in your header at the bottom Left. Nice of you to have a day to play with your panel Blocks. Sounds like you won't get stuck on the border part. Keep us posted.

Diane said...

I remember the quilt from last year! Time flies, huh?
you amaze me with just designing as you go. I know it will be great and can't wait to see more.

Barb in Mi said...

Checked out last years version: very nice - and apparently very well loved & used!
Your freelance version for this year will be fabulous! Waiting for progress pics in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your Double Delight support for my UFO!

AnnieO said...

You'll knock this out of the park--er, forest--Judy! Hope all your free lancing turns out as desired, no doubt it will!

LuAnn said...

Your last years quilt was great as I know this one will be, too. Great knitting in the post below and love your tumblers from before, too!