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Thursday, November 08, 2018

I Like Thursdays #29

Welcome to I Like Thursday,
the day we celebrate the simple pleasures in our lives.

Neutral fabrics.

Audiobooks downloaded from the library and quilting. 
Even though this was not a favorite book, I listened for quite a while.
Then I returned it and chose a new one.
Technology is amazing!

I'm not that great of a quilter but
I enjoy the process and love learning new things.
I'm not giving up on rulers or ruler feet just yet.
I tried again.
I even wrote to Brother Sewing to ask someone to design a ruler hopping foot for my machine.
I know it can be done, other companies have them.
I believe in asking nicely.

They wrote me back a nice letter stating they do not at this time have the foot I want.
They are passing my letter on to the design team.

Bobbin chicken win!
I finished up a border and decided to check my bobbin thread before starting the next.
Glad I did.


Amazon's new box had me giggling like a little girl.
Yes, I ordered another present.
I ordered a telephone.
When the power goes out, the cordless phone doesn't work 
and we don't have good cel coverage at home.
So a new $10 phone was ordered.

I thought I'd be finished quilting this beauty 
But I'm not. 
I still have a few inches of the outer border and all of the green inner border to do.
I truly believe I keep God laughing when I make my plans.

That's OK. I'm going to finish the outer border this morning,
then pack it up and take it to retreat for Show & Tell anyhow.
My fiends don't care if it's finished or not.

Speaking of retreat--

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LA Paylor said...

ah yes, friends never mind if it's not finished! That was a fun post, and you've helped me a little by saying you're not the best quilter but like the process. I'm having a spot of trouble quilting the Web quilt borders... nothing is quite coming out right. Grrr. Maybe I need a change of color thread...
I love listening to books on cd in the studio, and just started a new Rhys Bowen one last night. The reader has the most delicate Irish accent!

Sally Hurley said...

The Amazon box made me laugh. I love that you won bobbin chicken!! And I agree with you on the process and learning new things (and getting the right foot for the job! good luck with that).

Shannon said...

I love!!! checking out audiobooks from the library. It's such a fabulous resource and so much easier now on the app than we we had to go in and get them on cassette or CD. I love listening to them, it's how I do most of my reading these days!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love that Amazon box! Also love audiobooks, but haven't listened to one while quilting for a long time - I'll have to remember that. Have fun on your retreat!

Suzanne said...

The Amazon box is absolutely perfect...lol. I think God laughs at most of us quilters when we announce our plans. Have a wonderful time at Retreat.

Nann said...

$10 for a phone. Amazing.
I am a long-time Anne Tyler fan (35+ years). I loved Spool of Blue Thread. I was not as wild about her latest (published in August), Clock Dance.
Enjoy the retreat!

Mary Crowther said...

$10 for a Phone, what a deal. Love that the Green Box made you giggle! Yes, I ordered myself another present too! Have fun at Retreat, you can finish it there. I miss coming but not those hard beds, lucky you live close.

Quilter Kathy said...

LOVE the Amazon package LOL!
Have a blast at retreat!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I didn't get a box like that from Amazon....I am green with envy. Enjoy your retreat. Your quilt is very pretty.

Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

That box is great! Hope we see one soon, usually they only send us the boring brown boxes. And we order from them quite a bit. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!