Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Like Thursdays #22

I like rainbows!

I like when the sun shines through the clouds.

I like this guy.
This Saturday is our 46th! Anniversary.
He loves his stinky clams and this past weekend
I taught him how to fry them.
I may never have to fry another stinky clam!

Last weekend was the annual
We set up our chairs at the end of our friend's driveway
to watch the cruise.
It was ok, but not many cars participated.
I couldn't help but love this truck going the opposite direction 
with a great big flag waving .

This is the only car I took a picture of.
I was too busy watching and waving,
chatting and laughing.

My SonInLaw does amazing wood work.
I asked him to make me a clock for the bus.
He said yes.

Now I need to clean the wall and stain it again.

We bought a travel trailer and 
after Ernie did all the minor repairs to it,
it's finally my turn.
Quilts for the beds are a must for any quilter.
This is Jamestown Landing from Bonnie Hunter.
It may be my 2nd favorite.
Now I need to put 2 or 3 more in for the other beds.
I need to go shopping for lots of little things.
Like a can opener-it must be important,
it's on my list twice. 😀😀

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Chris said...

This is just too funny!
"I need to go shopping for lots of little things.
Like a can opener-it must be important,
it's on my list twice."

AnnieO said...

Stinky clams are cooked outside, good idea! Nice clock, love the wood grain.
I have two can openers in my small galley kitchen because I hate having to turn and walk three steps to the other drawer, lol

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What a fun post. It will fun for you filling up the new trailer. Enjoy!

LA Paylor said...

You brought back memories of the summer I spent on a farm in Prince Edward Island Canada, off the coast near Maine. They regularly gathered clams to steam, and how stinky they were! And as I grabbed for them, they spit at me! Can't blame them.

46 years together is a lot of clams. Congrats on a finding your mate and best friend all those years ago, and here's to the next year being the best.

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! And so cool that you taught your husband to make the fried Clams, it's always wonderful when someone else can take on an un-fun task. Your quilt is lovely- my mom is just starting one for the big bed in her fifth wheel- she pieces while on trips, and just this morning was talking about getting her new "trailer project" going!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Judy! Congrats to you and DH on your 46th anniversary! Woohoo! Rainbows are the best. A friend took a picture of a triple rainbow and it looked like it ended right at our house. I take that as great luck. Your quilt looks beautiful on the trailer bed. Who wouldn't want to sleep until that?! ~smile~ Roseanne

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Clam loving Guy!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Happy Anniversary! That clock is great and I love your Jamestown Landing quilt, too!

Sally Hurley said...

I have Jamestown Landing on my bucket list. Yours looks great. Happy Anniversary!

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