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Monday, July 24, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I guess I am on summer vacation from quilting. 
Not much sewing machine action has been happening.
I did make myself another pair of pants.
 I've tweaked the pattern just a little tiny bit more.
I also cut out another pattern for woven fabrics.
I'll test that out on some pajama pants.

In the meantime,
I discovered this great bin in the school supply isle at Walmart.
(Really Crystal told me about it.)
It is perfect to hold all of my Mischief Quilt parts and pieces.
I've only sewed this much on the next rosette in the last 2 weeks.
Now it's front and center to take to the beach for outside stitching on nice days.

I've also been hanging out with these people.
Too bad the other boys weren't around for a picture.
I love that Stellie (middle) idolizes Mae (left) and 
that Corbin is her cousin, not her friend! 
But really he is her friend too. 
The workings of a 5 year old mind!!

I'm hoping to spend some time in front of my sewing machine over the next couple of days.
Then it's back to the beach for us. 
We have some fence to build.

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Enjoy your summer!


Nann said...

I think that grandchildren are a great reason to not be quilting! Enjoy your time with them.

Mary said...

Enjoy your non-sewing time. You have a great reason for it!

Ramona said...

It's great to be organized, but even greater to spend time with the grands. Enjoy!

Robin said...

What a great little organizer. I love to have bins for everything.

scraphappy said...

Finding just the right containers to hold everything is always so satisfying. Hopefully it will all be safe until it is time to sew again.

Suzanne said...

Beach time is always happy time, especially with grandkids!