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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

All Work and No Play

We found out it costs a lot to have a chain link fence installed.
We are do it yourselfers so we got busy.
After plans were drawn up, submitted and approved for a fence around out beach lot,
we picked up the parts and pieces (most of them 😉) we needed and 
headed to the beach for a few days of hard work.
Our friend Bill showed up and helped so much.
I didn't have to do much.
Ernie and Bill worked their hinnies off on Phase 1 (100 feet between the neighbors and us)
and got it completed in a few hours.

Day 2, Phase 2, Part 1 was the front of the lot.
It went along without many hiccups,
we ran out of concrete!!!
There had to be a Home Depot run.
We decided to go ahead and put up one of the gates now.
So we needed to get the gate.

Day 3, Phase 2, Part 2
We started out by putting up the wire for Part 1,
then turned the corner and darn! we are short on wire.
Another trip to HD.
While he was gone,
I hatched a plan...
Could we move those clumps of Pampas Grass???
Why yes we can.
But first the old fence had to come down.

2 plants went into the corner.
It's amazing how just a bit of something gives you a nice bit of privacy.
And the usable space with that fence out of there is amazing!

Then Ernie suggested we put the big clump in front of the window of the neighboring trailer.
Oh, that's a great idea!!!
Sure it is until you have to excavate out bamboo roots!
That stuff is so invasive and so nasty!
Lots of sweating and swearing and just plain hard work!

After all of that work,
The big clump is planted and it looks great.
Or it will, as soon as we get that dried bamboo has gone through the chipper.

Oh yeah, that deck he just rebuilt,
That goes too.
There is a new plan for that thing!
Thanks Pam and Bill for that suggestion!
Now our kiddos and dogs are more secure
and we are very happy with our open space.

This is how we spent our evening,
feet up, easy dinner of cold beverages, roasted hotdogs and smores at the firepit.

Phase 2, Part 3-The Deck-will happen next week.
Fence Phases 3, 4 and 5 will wait.
There is some brush clearing that has to happen first.
Bring your gloves kids, 
Gramma has a little project.
It may or may not involve building a fort. 😉😉😉


Julie said...

What a lot of work! I'm sure it will be fabulous when it's all done, but I am not that excited about home projects after building our house 20 years ago! :)

Suzanne said...

What a big project...makes a nice difference. We had pampas grass and bamboo at our California home. My Mom loved the plants...my brothers, who did the yard work did not like the plants.