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Friday, September 09, 2016

On The Needles

I'm making Frankensocks!
I saw them on Instagram and I've seen them at The Polka Dot Chicken and other places.
I have always wanted to use up my leftover sock yarn for more socks.

So I pulled out some of my sock yarn balls and got started.
Then I remembered I saw where Carol wound her yarn on little plastic bobbins,
so I had to go get mine out and make myself some little bobbins.
It took over my tv/knitting time last night. 
I am ready to make a really fun pair of socks.
Or 2 or 3.
This kind of stuff can get out of control for me.
 But that's ok, I always need socks.

And this goofy boy wanted his robot/alien hat so bad.
His Gramma kept messing it up and when you are 4 
and everyone else has their new hat,
you must hound Gramma to get it done.
I don't know how many times he asked.
5 times I started this hat,
4 times I pulled the needles.
(seriously Gramma!!!)
was July 8th and this hat was finished but 
waaaayyy tooooo tight!

I said this was the last time.
if it didn't fit, he'd get one like the other boys.

Thank goodness it fit.
After trying it on him and getting the funny face picture,
I sat down and finished it.
The pompom that he didn't want, oh wait, yes I do!,
is now made and attached.
He is one happy little man. 

I'm sure glad I finished his hat before Frankensocks took over!!!

I am not going to go digging to see what else I have on my needles.
I'm just happy my sock Mojo is back so that's what I'll work on. 

Check out Judy L's fabulous projects and see what other knitters are working on at


straythreads said...

great socks! I haven't unpacked my basket of leftovers but when I do.............thats my next socks from left overs.

Ramona said...

I love the scrappy yarn socks, but really dislike weaving the ends. Yours are starting out great! Such fun designs with all of the different yarns. Great hat, too!

carol fun said...

Of course I LOVE the Frankensocks... send me your address and I'll send you some of those bobbins... I have a bajillion of them and I'm happy to share!

Dar said...

I love your scrappy Frankensocks. Thanks to Carol sending me some of her leftover balls, I too am addicted to making them. I'm a very slow knitter, however, still on my first pair. Hoping to finish them by next OTN.

Your little man's hat is very cute and so is he, funny face and all. Nice going gramma.