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Monday, August 10, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I am finally working on Tumalo Trail (from Bonnie Hunter's book-Scraps & Shirttails II) again.  I haven't touched it since the retreat in May. I swear I had all the blocks made but when I recounted to group into 10s, I was 3 short! So I got busy and made the last 3--I'm sure I'll find those other 3 when this quilt is finished! I did have a few 9 patches left over (or not used yet-however you view it) so I only had to make 5 more. I love the rebel block in the center of the photo block. I didn't notice it until now. It stays! I am completely out of 1 1/2" squares so I now know where my scrap cutting needs a bit of attention. 

Then I got serious about the sashing. I took a bunch of short brown strips and cut them into cornerstones and then got out my box of 1 1/2" neutrals strips. I was so excited to be using a few of the strips from our newest retreat strip swap.  In the past we had only swapped 2 1/2" strips and decided it was time to change it up and start swapping different sizes.

I cannot wait to lay these blocks out with the sashing rows and start playing with which block goes where and in which direction and with what short sashing strips......you know how exciting that it, don't you!?!?! Since the blocks are very directional, I'll work on my tumbler leader/enders while I sew each row separately instead of webbing the top like I normally do. That will make excellent progress on my tumblers.

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Libby in TN said...

Don'tcha just hate it when those mischievous blocks find a secret hidey hole. You bet they'll turn up as you sew on the last border! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Ramona said...

I love your rebel block! This quilt is going to be a great one.

Mary said...

Your Rebel Block is still a 9-patch! I had really look at it and figure out why you called it a rebel. 1 Row at a time- this quilt is going to get done!
Have lots of fun getting your L/E worked on while it happens. I thought your Nieces Quilts would be on your DWM today. You are so sweet to surprise them.

Julie said...

It took me a bit to figure out what you meant by rebel, but I saw it finally! I can't wait to see the quilt together!

Bonnie said...

Looking good. I hate it when I misplace a block or three!

gayle said...

Those missing blocks are off giggling in a corner somewhere. They'll turn up about an hour after you finish stitching the binding.
I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt all together - I love nine patches and yours are looking gorgeous!