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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Night Date

Last night was the annual Friends of NRA banquet for the local area. This is our 3rd year attending. There is a huge silent auction and then the oral auction.

This basket was call The Bread Basket. I though that a rather odd name because of all the garden goodies inside. But there is a gift certificate for a free loaf of bread a month from a bakery in Portland so that's why they named it that. I change the name to Mine!!! We bid on it a couple times and won the bid. There are 3 packages of garden seeds, green beans, radishes and carrots. Those will pay for the basket with the amount of beans and carrots that will be preserved this year. Plus there are 3 garden books and lots of knick knacks.

The first year we went to this, I took my knitting. The second year there were a few other knitters and last night, I think I may have been the only one again. I just can't sit there, it makes me nuts. So before we left home, I cast on this scarf and knit a few rows before arriving at the dinner. Then with visiting, wandering around and dinner, I didn't get started until the oral auction began. So a little progress was made and this will go into my to go bag for car trips or other occasions I can work on it.

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