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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Knitting Report

Not as much progress on my second sock as I had hoped. With the stupid pulled muscle in my back, knitting was rather uncomfortable. Crocheting was not. Weird!

Today I am going to try to do a little more knitting. Maybe some sewing just to test out the pain level (praying there is no pain!). Definitely no vacuuming! We are expecting a snow storm and then cold and clear weather for the week. I did all my errands yesterday, groceries for people, dogs and chickens! I can hunker down and do what I love to do!

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LuAnn said...

Hope your back cooperates today so you can keep working on that sock. Seeing your crochet makes me want to get back to mine, too. I love your colors. Thanks for the mention in your Monday post...I'm working on finishing that border again. Love your blog.