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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Green Envy Socks

I finally picked up my knitting needles last night to finish these socks. I tried so hard to get my stripes to match but it didn't happen. I did pretty good until the heel flap and then the repeat kind of when south. Oh well, feet don't care. Next time I think I'll pull out the yarn from both skeins and put a starting mark on the second one instead of writing myself a note. Or not.

I think they turned out pretty darn cute! This is the first time I've used Red Heart Heart & Sole with Aloe (why is there aloe in the yarn???). The color is called green envy. This is the fastest pair of socks I've knitted--started on the 6th, finished on the 24th. Simple, easy pattern...........I don't need the fussiness of fancy! I'll take the happiness of simple any ole day.

If I would have worked on them at anytime at all during the last week, I'd probably have another sock half knitted! But I didn't so I don't! And because American Idol was on for 2 hours last night, I have a new hat on the needles. I'm trying real hard not to have a bunch of knitting projects started but then I see something and I go ooohhh......focus, focus Judy!


Nancy said...

I think the socks are fabulous!

fancystitching said...

TOO CUTE, JUDY!!! I love that yarn. I am using the same pattern, but a different yarn. I'm doing the 2-at-a-time thing, and the stripes are coming out pretty close, but not perfect. We'll see how it looks when I get to the toe... that will be the clincher. Hopefully I will finish them tomorrow evening.

I am SOOO addicted to knitting!! Now this will require a whole new stash (of yarn) that will probably rival my fabric stash. HAHA!

KNIT ON, my friend!! You are really making some cute things!


Diane said...

Oh they are so cute! I'm green with envy---sorry, :)
I would never have known the stripes aren't lined up or whatever they are "suppose" to do. They look perfect!

Mary said...

They look pretty good to me. I've already decided that I'm not going to worry about having my socks match exactly. I cast on my second blue one the other day and it's coming with me on my trip to VA tomorrow. I have high hopes of finishing it and even tucked another skein of yarn in my bag in case I do so I can start a new pair.

Julie said...

They look great!

Julie H