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Sunday, February 08, 2009

UFO #9

It is time for this month's UFO Challenge for my small online quilting group. This is UFO #9. It is my version of Quiltville's Crayon Box. I had started making 4 patches as leaders/enders. Then I added some 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" bricks, then 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips. Then I saw Bonnie's quilt and knew I should keep going with my ideas. My bin of bricks was overflowing so I decided this was a good way to use them up.
Why did it get put away 2 years ago and never finished??? I didn't have enough of the sashing fabric. As I was searching through the box for this UFO, I remembered that little point. Just after I picked up this bag, there was another UFO with that fabric as borders. My mind went nuts........I'll just take those borders off-they were 5" wide-and used that fabric for this UFO and find other fabric for that UFO because they were just borders, none of that fabric was in the quilt. Lucky for me, the binding was already in the bag and those borders were just enough fabric for my sashing.
Last night, I sat down, watched TV with Hubby and took off the borders. Then I had to work on the quilt. At 10:00, I turned of the machine. I had one more row ready to add to the 3 that were done and the 5th row was all organinzed and waiting for me.
Now the quilt only needs the top and bottom sashing/border. I am not going to put borders on. I am going to use flannel for the back. I am also going to work on the UFO that I took the borders off of. Turns out this is UFO #8. If I get that one finished before the number is called, I will have to replace it with something else.
I am on a roll with these UFOs. I got out #29 yesterday and made another block for it. That one is a Carol Doak BOM that I needed to make 3 more blocks for. So it is one block closer to being done. I have another block ready to cut fabric for and the 3rd block doesn't want to print so I will have to print that one at Crystal's next time I'm there. (This is for Crystal to remind me!) I still have that darn homespun plaid laying here looking at me! I think today I am going to make it into a top just so it will quit tormenting me.

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