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Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Bags Are Packed

Again, my bags are packed for a retreat. I think after this weekend, I will settle in for the winter. I admire anyone that travels alot. I am not good at it. I like being home with my stuff. And besides, does it count when you go to a retreat but come home at night to sleep????

I have some Christmas projects for the kiddos I want to work on. I'm hoping to be done with that tomorrow. I packed a UFO and a WIP to finish. My UFO has been around for a couple years. I need to frog stitch a couple rows and then I can finish putting it together. I'm thinking it is about 80% done. Wonder why I didn't work on this one more.

Then I have my Orange Crush Mystery from Quiltville. The main top is finished, the border strips are finished, I just have to put the borders on. Maybe then I will like it more. I took it with me to the last retreat and Gloria had her's there so we compared. She had dark borders on hers and it really set it off. So we decided that is what I need to do also. So I searched my stash and found a nice dark blue that I am going to use. Now I am excited to get it done.

When I come home, I only have one quilt waiting to be quilted for my friend Nadine. When that is finished, I have 3 ready to do for myself. I have the flannel for backing and I have enough batting for all of them. Then I need to buy more batting. Uggggggggg!

How do you like my photo. Miss MaeMae is learning to give DJ treats. My dogs are very patient with the babies, knowing they are in for some good stuff. He knows if he sits there long enough, she will drop something or she will just put it in his mouth so he doesn't have to reach to the floor!

I'll catch up with you next week. Hopefully I will have some progress pictures. Until then.....

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Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

Don't forget once you're done with your 3 quilts, I have 3 to get done. And I have backs and batting for them too! Or you can watch my kiddos and I can do them myself.

And picture didn't show up. But I have that one and it's uber cute.

Have fun retreating, I'm a little jealous you'll be getting some quilting done while mine sits in the corner waiting for me to find time again.