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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ugly Fabric Challenge

Use your best blue whinie voice.......why won't blogger let her upload the picture of this quilt???

Last November at our quilt retreat, we played a game using ugly fabric. We were to bring 1 yard of ugly fabric. Then we ripped it in half, dropped a half, ripped, dropped, etc. At the end of the game, when the "What are we gonna do with this now?" question came up, I suggested we make something for charity out of it. Add some of your own fabrics, can't remember how many, and make something for someone else.

Last night I started to clear off my cutting table and I found my bag of uglies (which by the way, I didn't find one ugly fabric in the bag!) and figured I better get started. The retreat is in November after all and I have to have something for show. So I pulled out my notebook of patterns from Quiltville. I decided on the Chunky Churndash. And this is where I am now. I have one little piece of fabric left and I think I can get the 2 needed blocks out of it if I add another piece from my scrapbag and use the pink for the corners.

I didn't have to work today so I have spent my time obsessing about this top. I have all the hourglass blocks done and will do the 2 other blocks later today so I can sew the top together. I don't know what to use for the borders yet but I think I have enough fabric on my self to find something!

Now I have to get going and run a few errands. I need to go to the quilt shop and find a black batik for my May retreat project. I'm going to do an organized scrappy (I know--what a surprise!) quilt and I want my 2 background pieces to be constistant throughout the quilt.

It sure feels good to be productive again. I think I'm out of my slump for a few days. I've even been able to sew a little bit at work and have almost all of my half square triangles pieced for my depression block quilt.

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