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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Dear Nancy,

Dear Nancy,

I wish I could express what you have meant to me over the years. As a wife and mother of 4, I have very little time to go to town to take any sewing related classes. I am basically self taught other than a wonderful Aunt that would help me over the phone, my sweet Mother In Law that left us too early, a little bit of help in my high school home ec classes and trial and error.  As much as my own mother tired to help me, she did not enjoy sewing at all.

One Saturday by chance, I turned on the TV and there you were.  We didn't often watch channel 10 except in the mornings for Sesame Street so I don't know why the tv was on that channel. It must have been fate. What I saw thrilled me to pieces. I have spent many hours with you, you have taught me so much. Little tips and tricks that have stayed with me all these years.  I have a collection of VHS tapes that are only your TV shows. I have a notebook of what is on each tape. One time I almost threw them away but I just couldn't do it.  I remember when I bought 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew. What a thrill it was for me to have a book written by "my TV friend Nancy".

One Saturday morning in the recent past, my adult son came into the house while you were on tv. He says "Is She still on tv???"  How sweet, he remembered!!!  I love that my children know who you are and I think they know how important it was that I spent some of my Saturday mornings with you.

I'm sending you well wishes and strength as you face your current medical issues.

Your Friend,

You can watch the video message from Nancy here.


Mary said...

What a sweet memory you have. Our first 10 years were out of close range of cable so PBS was one of the 3 channels we got with rabbit ears. I remember seeing Nancy and Eleanor. What great Teachers they both are. I saw Nancy at one of the Expo's in Puyallup.
Prayers for her and her Drs to care for her.

Anonymous said...


Julie said...

This was perfectly written and almost to the tee me except the number of kids. My aunt helped me learned to sew and my MIL got me into quilting and my mother didn't sew! Very well said.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a sweet letter to Nancy! I join you in well wishes in facing her current health challenge.