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Monday, June 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Last week was a very busy Judy week! Monday was my class with Bonnie Hunter.
You can read about that here, if you want to.
Tuesday was spent cutting another quilt with a friend,
Wednesday was Binding Friends day,
Thursday was grocery shopping and general running around,
Friday was stay home day-finally!

I spent lots of time making 4 patches and half square triangles.
When I thought I had more than enough 4 patches, 
I clipped them into groups of 10 and counted.
I did this 3 times before I had enough.
This quilt takes lots of 4 patches.
Then onto the HSTs,
those went faster.

On to the block construction.
I used my little design boards
(learn about them here)
and layed out the blocks.
I had a stack of 7, sewed up those blocks,
layed out more.
I have 5 more Jacob's Ladder blocks to sew together.

I also worked on my star points.
These are ready to pick up and sew side two.
There is one more stack that needs both sides.
But these are on hold for a bit because....

Saturday morning I basted Mae's Grandmother's Flower Garden and
started quilting it.

I think I am about half done now.
I didn't work on it much Sunday because we had a house full.

Can you see the quilting in the flower?
I am  having a blast using my new machine.
I just have to remember to relax my shoulders
and take breaks.

This is why I didn't get much done Sunday.
Poppy brought home a new toy!
Littles were trying to convince the Teenager to play.
She wasn't having any part of that dirty thing!

See fabulous Design Walls today at Patchwork Times.


Mary said...

Mae's garden is looking good. Enjoy your new TOY! I am so glad you are getting your Bonnie quilt blocks done so quick. I loved seeing you and your quilts in the Slide show!!!

Annie said...

LOVE what's on your design wall! And you know I'm just as excited as little Mae is to see that fabulous quilt completed!

Ramona said...

You had a productive week! Your Bonnie quilt is going to be lovely. Thanks for the link to the mini design boards. What a great idea!

Teresa in Music City said...

So much fun going on at your house!!!! Bonnie's quilts are always a lot of work but they pack a big reward too :) That looks like Cathedral Stars.... I bet the kids absolutely love that pipe!! My kids would have been in heaven :)